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Banglalion Wimax costs and internet package breakdown

April 14th, 2009 by VOIP Bangladesh

The company said customers can get minimum 128Mbps round the clock by connecting BanglaLion’s WiMax modem, which costs only Tk 3, 000. The monthly connection fee would be Tk600.

Here are the service and cost break down of its packages. Read the rest of this entry »

Request to Bangladesh Government to open up VoIP for all the operators

April 5th, 2009 by VOIP Bangladesh

[the dailystar reports] The country’s telecom industry should be run by such a set of uniform regulations that ensure a level playing field for both the local and foreign investors, speakers at a discussion said yesterday.

The speakers also urged the government to reduce bandwidth prices soon for the sake of the sector’s development.

“Discriminatory regulations should be removed,” said Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, president of Bangladesh Economic Association. Read the rest of this entry »

Bangladesh WIMAX broadband provider features and unlimited call options

March 27th, 2009 by VOIP Bangladesh

BanglaLion WIMAX

WIMAX using handheld mobile phone – Samsung SWD-M100 Mondi

March 20th, 2009 by VOIP Bangladesh

Samsung provides details on the development of a new WiMAX MID (mobile internet device). Device is expected to be the first handheld WiMAX device in the U.S. and will operate on Clearwire’s WiMAX network.

Based on an RSS feed from its website, Samsung provided details on a new WiMAX handheld device dubbed the SWD-M100 Mondi. Read the rest of this entry »

WiMAX Mobile Phones with VOIP – D2 Technologies Demonstrates Complete Reference Design

November 30th, 2008 by VOIP Bangladesh

D2 Technologies Demonstrates Complete Reference Design for WiMAX Mobile Phones


BanglaLion BRAC BDmail Network and Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh apply for WIMAX

September 10th, 2008 by VOIP Bangladesh

In an open auction, the BanglaLion Communications, BRAC BDmail Network Ltd and the Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd won the bid for the licences in exchange for Tk 215 crore each.

The companies will provide wireless broadband internet service using WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) technology which allows wireless data to travel over long distances by various means, from point-to-point links to full mobile cellular type access.