Dhaka Phone executives charged in connection with illegal VoIP business

January 6th, 2010

Rab personnel arrested two people including an executive of Dhaka Phone Thursday night in connection with running illegal Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP business). They also seized some equipment from an office and a BTS room of Dhaka Phone in the city.

Golam Mostofa and Dhaka Phone executive Russell Mahmud were placed on remand after Khilkhet police produced them before a court seeking remand for five days each for running VoIP business illegally.

BTRC Junior Consultant Kawsar Ahmed had filed a case with Khilkhet Police Station Thursday night in his connection having illegal equipment related to Voice Over Internet Telephony .

The seized equipment include four media converters, two dealing switches, two ethernet switches, one 24-port Quintum, one E-1 server with three DGM cards and 24 tellular phones, police said.

Rab-1 officials said the culprits had been running this business illegally in the city’s Nikunja and Gulshan areas for a long time incurring daily losses of Tk 12 lakh to the government while the company was earning Tk 6 lakh a day.

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