BTRC to take action against WorldTel

March 18th, 2010

BTRC is set to take legal action against the private land phone operator WorldTel Bangladesh for its alleged involvement in illegal VoIP business, said a BTRC official yesterday.

“We have seized different equipment, including two multiplexers used for VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) calls from the office of WorldTel on Tuesday night,” said Zian Shah Kabir, senior consultant of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission.

“A process of taking legal action against the company is underway, which is to happen by tomorrow,” he said.

“Earlier we got information about the company that it has a huge number of fake subscribers, and we found that the call traffic is much higher than the number of subscribers. Later, we asked it for explanations and called its officials at BTRC office, but they didn’t respond,” he said.

So, a team of BTRC visited the office and found no official there and the switch room remained locked down, Kabir said.

Since then BTRC could not contact any responsible officials of WorldTel over phone as all their cell numbers remained off.

Source: The Daily Star

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