General Requirements for Call Center Licensing in Bangladesh

January 27th, 2010

Call Center Licensing in Bangladesh

License Guidelines for Call Center, Hosted Call Center (HCC) and Hosted Call Center Service Provider (HCCSP)
(International and Domestic)

1. General Requirements for Call Center Licensing

1.1 Call centers/HCC operators are not allowed to extend the services to other Call Center operators. A call center/HCC will be a facility which will have at least 5 seats or agents.

1.2 Interested parties willing to start Call Center/HCC or HCCSP business shall apply for license to the Commission in prescribed form(BTRC:CC1) available in the website . The license shall be issued as per Licensing Procedure Regulations, 2004 (as amended) and shall be governed by the section 36 of Bangladesh Telecommunication Act, 2001.

1.3 Any entity that itself operates „Call Center? for its customers within the country does not require any license. This license is only applicable for services those are outsourced to the Call Center / HCC Operators by another party.

1.4 Notwithstanding any contrary provisions of any other Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines the license will be given to Individuals, partnerships or Companies/Joint Venture Companies registered/formed under existing applicable laws of Bangladesh.

1.5 If any Telecommunication operator (Mobile, PSTN, ISP, DDCSP, IGW, ICX, IIG etc.) desires to commence Call Center business, it will have to separate the Call Center location from its existing premises.

1.6 For foreign investment, no fund can be raised locally from the financial institutions in Bangladesh. Foreign investors must bring in equity financing from overseas.

1.7 The employment of foreign expatriates is limited to 10% after 1st year of operation. Relevant Government rules and regulations regarding foreign personnel employment have to be followed.

1.8 International and Domestic Call center services can be extended under single license subject to terms and conditions contained in this guidelines.

1.9 HCCSPs would require separate license to operate Call Center / HCC on its own.

1.10 A licensee can have multiple centers under a single license. The locations with number of agents and client details will have to be registered with the Commission before operation.

1.11 The Call Center/HCC operators will inform the Commission in prescribed form (BTRC:CC2, available in the website of any addition of call agents in its existing call center or addition of Call Center/HCC before activation.

1.12 The HCCSP will inform the Commission in prescribed form (BTRC:CC2, available in the website of any addition of HCC operator or HCC agents under its domain before extending service.

1.13 If the operator proposes to change the location of Call Center/HCC/HCCSP Center, it will inform the Commission in prescribed form (BTRC:CC3, available in the website before relocation and service commencement.

1.14 The operator can also set up „Disaster Recovery Center?. The DRC can only be used during any situation when the main Center, can not be used or becomes inoperative. DRCs have to be situated inside Bangladesh.

1.15 License fee payable to the Commission:
Taka 5,000 (five thousand) only for each category of Call Center service License as one time fee for initial term of 5 years.

1.16 Revenue Sharing with BTRC:
There will be no revenue sharing for the first 3 (three) years for Dhaka and Chittagong Metropolitan areas and first 5 (five) years for the rest of the country. The licensees shall share with the Commission 0.5% of its gross revenue earning on yearly basis after this “Revenue sharing holidays”.

1.17 The validity of the license shall be for 5 (five) years. Upon expiry of 5 (five) years, the license may be renewed for subsequent terms, each of 5 (five) years in duration. The Licensee shall apply for renewal one month before expiry of license validity.

1.18 A Licensee shall inform the Commission of any change in the information furnished within 15 days.

1.19 The Call Center or HCC or HCCSP centers must not be used as a transit point of any sort.

1.20 Licensees shall not misuse the Telecommunication resources for any other activity and shall be responsible for the same.

1.21 The Licensee shall commence operation within 6 months from issue of license. Extension may be considered upon receipt of application from licensee stating reasons thereof, otherwise it may be cancelled. However the licensee must commence operation within 30 days of obtaining the international and/or domestic connectivity with intimation to the Commission.

1.22 The Commission reserves the right to alter, change, modify or add any terms and conditions of the license including applicable fees at any time in public and industry interest as per Bangladesh Telecommunication Act, 2001.

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