WiMAX licence Bangla Lion and Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Ltd BTCL Concern

March 30th, 2009

[thedailystar reports] The decision to take WiMAX licence would push Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Ltd (BTCL) to have private partnership, form a separate company, invest in excess of $250 million and take significant long-term business and technological risks.

The state-owned company has decided to ask Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission (BTRC) to relax its November 16 deadline to obtain the licence by paying $31.6 million. This request is being made as the BTCL decided to take a “strategic” partner from the private sector to minimise the “risk factor”.

BTCL’s decision for WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) licence was almost imposed by the regulator that awarded three WiMAX licences to private companies through an auction in September. The BTRC said the state-owned telecom company could take one WiMAX licence at the highest auction rate or at $31.6 million. The deadline for obtaining this licence expires on November 16.

Following the BTRC proposal, the BTCL formed a committee headed by a general manager. Sources said the committee in its report recommended taking strategic partner and suggested that BTCL’s presence in WiMAX operations will prevent syndicated market control by the three private operators.

“Our experience from Teletalk shows that BTCL’s WiMAX operations will also stimulate the broadband market,” said a high official.

To have the strategic partner, BTCL will have to select a partner through an open tender, for which the state-owned company will at first publish an Expression of Interest (EoI) and do the legal vetting on the proposed framework of partnership.

After a partner is found, BTCL will form a separate company for WiMAX operations since the partner cannot own or take credit for existing assets and operations of the state-owned company.

A committee is now working on assessing the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and risk factor of the WiMAX venture of BTCL.

While BTCL officials believe that it can buy the WiMAX licence right away, a telecom expert asks if the state-owned company actually has the $31.6 million ready to pay BTRC.

The government’s objective is to offload shares of BTCL to the public. “Strategic partner or not, the WiMAX venture will certainly hit the financial health of BTCL and it will inevitably impact the state-owned company’s book value

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