Stakeholders help sought to stop Illegal Voice over Internet Protocol VoIP

December 14th, 2009

Bangladesh Telecommunicaion Regulatory Commission (BTRC) Chairman Brig Gen (Retd) Zia Ahmed sought cooperation from concerned stakeholders to stop Illegal Voice over Internet Protocol ( VoIP ) in the country.

Addressing a meeting at BTRC office on Monday, he said that illegal VoIP businessman are evading huge amount of tax. The illegal VoIP business should be stopped otherwise BTRC would take stern action against the companies.

The BTRC chairman called upon the IEG and ISP to strengthened their own monitoring system to prevent international call.

Addressing the IEG operators, he suggested to set up Net Flow Analyser including DPI to analyse the bandwidth and making list of suspicious IP users.

The high-ups of BTRC and Bangladesh Telecommunication Ltd, Mango Telecommunication Service Ltd and ISP Association of Bangladesh were present at the meeting.

Source: NewAge

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