Building digital Bangladesh – Online textbooks and education

April 8th, 2009

Every year we face a textbook crisis. Students do not get new books on time due to an artificial crisis. I would put forward a suggestion which may solve the problem. Introducing online version of books alongside the traditional textbooks can be a good idea. Internet is now a very powerful means of communication. During the SSC and HSC results, we saw a large number of students in front of computer. The number of the users of Internet is increasing gradually. Certainly a section of students and guardians will be benefited and it will also reduce the huge demand of textbooks at the beginning of a new session. Besides there will hardly be any mistakes in online versions of books, as any kinds of inclusion and deletion of the texts can be done quickly, which is not possible in the printed textbooks.

The government is working with foreign companies to install high speed broadband services; so we hope Internet facility will be available soon to all students. As education is the key to development, so we should do something for the new generation. It is high time to build our nation. We should not waste our time any more; we need to be ready for the future. The government should form an efficient committee comprising educationists and IT experts to handle the matter.

Moreover, introducing online version of books can be part of the plan to build a digital Bangladesh. I would request the government and policy makers to think about the idea in the greater interest of the students.

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