Bangladesh to launch GSO Satellite

January 7th, 2010

Bangladesh is going to launch a GSO Satellite in the nonplanned space slot 1020E. The main purpose of the satellite is to establish telecommunication network, geo-survey, oceanographic survey, marine biology, forestry , mineral survey etc.

BTRC is willing to appoint a local consultant for the national satellite project with the following terms and conditions:
To maintain liaison and correspondence with ITU in connection with national GSO Satellite and satellite communication in general.

To communicate and negotiate with interested and affected countries in respect of frequency, frequency coordination, coverage and other technical matters.

To look for a suitable location in Bangladesh for ground control station of the satellite and to deal with other technical parameters as per Article 4 of Radio Regulation of ITU.

To find interested financers, launching company, manufacturer of satellite and potential subscribers of transponders, make correspondence visit and liason with them.

To select a suitable short term consultant on satellite through ITU who will assist in preparation of the technical procurement, dimensioning, extent of transponders to be leased out and to be retained for domestic use. He will also indicate budgetary cost and pricing of launching the satellite and will help in selecting the manufacturer and launching company at a competitive price. He will also give a cost benefit and rate of return analysis of the project for examining its financial viability.

The local consultant will assist BTRC on satellite and other related affairs as decided by BTRC from time to time.

Qualification of the Consultant:
Must be at least a graduate in Electrical/Electronic/Telecom/Radio Engg/ Physics from a recognized university. Higher education such as MS/PhD in the relevant field is preferred.
Thorough knowledge in Radio communication including microwave and satellite communication, earth station, frequency co-ordination for earth station and MW link is required.
Knowledge of ITU practices on satellite affairs.
Knowledge of Radio Regulation and first hand knowledge on earth station planning, design, and maintenance are preferable.
Long experience, not less than 20 years, in the field of radio/ telecommunication. Working in ITU/APT will be preferred.
Fluency in writing and speaking in English is essential.
Physically fit and capable of traveling.
Must be a citizen of Bangladesh.

Remuneration and facilities:

Submission of Application:
The position applied for i.e. Satellite Consultant (Local) should be clearly written on the top of the envelope, application including curriculum vitae and a resent passport-size photograph should be sent to the Director (Spectrum Management) Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), IEB Bhaban (5th, 6th & 7th Floor), Ramna, Dhaka-1000. Applications should reach BTRC on or before 17.00 pm, 15th January 2009.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicants.

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  1. Cheap Call to Bangladesh says:

    I love bangladesh. It is such a beautiful country. It has its issues but the people there have a want to be the best, they have the want to grow. They are getting there slowly and hopefully one day can be like India.

  2. will be airtel sattalite phone ?

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